Friday, January 18, 2008

Golfweek: Keeping racism alive and well!

Dear Mr Babineau,

It's good that you have replaced Dave Seanor, but how are you ever going to repair the damage done?

A noose? On the cover of a golf magazine? 'Lynching' in an article about Tiger Woods? How hideously, hideously frightening that something that blatantly over-the-top racist wasn't picked up by any single staff member who worked on that issue. Everyone who was involved in that issue needs some basic, remedial anti-racism training. They need to go, say, twice a week, for the next 10 years or so.

Wow. Your magazine really showed that racism is alive and kicking in the Good ol' U.S. of A., as well as (we all know) in the good ol' boys' game of golf. You've got a lot of badness to undo. Good luck.

The 15th of January was the anniversary of Dr. King's birthday, too. You really couldn't have timed it any better. What a message. I guess your magazine has set back the racial integration of golf, say, to 1960. Good job!

For March (Women's History Month), why don't you put a picture of a woman being raped by a 9-iron on your cover? Then you can keep them out of golf, too.


Dumb Okie

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