Saturday, January 19, 2008

If Obama loves Reagan, Does Dumb Okie love Obama?

What does Obama mean here?

Even the most benign interpretation of this quote is troubling. At best he is merely expressing an appreciation of Regan's ability to connect to people. If so, as the Professor says, we should remember that Adolf Hitler had the same ability. So maybe we shouldn't be so free with our appreciation of this skill.

The more troubling interpretation of this quote is that Obama reveals more than appreciation for Reagan's ability to connect with the American public. Maybe this quote reveals that Obama also agrees with Reagan's policies and maybe even ideologies. I find this sinister interpretation hard to reconcile with Obama's record, but I can't rule it out just yet.

Before she can love you, Barack, Dumb Okie needs to know: do you really love Reagan, and if so, how?

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quiconque said...

Good to be reading you again!